Quality inspection of used mobile phones

Quality inspection service

We provide quality inspection services for various models of used iPhones.

We provide detailed mobile phone detection data

Detailed inspection data to ensure the quality of mobile phone

Detection team

Strong testing team to provide support

Detailed inspection

Provide detailed inspection for each inspection content

Provide query

Provide the detected data for query


Provide second-hand mobile phone inspection information query on a global scale

The testing personnel go through strict testing, and then upload the testing data to provide support for the qualification of the equipment.

Inspection information can be queried

Detector information can be inquired

Use IEMI code to query

So far, we have detected a total of:

mobile phone

So far our data has been queried:

mobile phone

About CFA Standard

Certify second hand phone provider and Inspect their phones

Among renovation industry, there's a lack of an industry standard for a long time. Therefore we develop a refurbishment industry standard, for the aim of standardizing quality control in this industry.

Renovation industry and businesses

Recycled mobile phones can be refurbished using technology to reduce the environmental damage caused by users dropping used phones directly.

It also offers consumers cheaper prices and almost the same look and quality as new phones.

At the same time, refurbishment products enterprises do not have a reference to the high-quality refurbishment machine industry standards.

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